Electric Kettles Made in USA

For a large number of people, the day only starts after having a hot cup of coffee or tea. While the drink works like an energy booster for them, not everyone has sufficient time to make their favorite beverage every day. Electric kettles made in USA were created to reduce the time consumed in making certain hot beverages. They are considered extremely important for workaholics due to their time-efficient capabilities.

In the US, several world-class brands have been dealing with kitchen appliances. You will find some of the most pleasing electric kettles made in the states. The quality and performance speak for the excellence of these kettles. Electric kettles made in USA are passed through specific criteria to ensure their quality standard. We have reviewed some of the best USA-based electric kettles according to customers’ reviews.

Top 5 Electric Kettles Made in USA:

  1. KitchenAid KEK1032SS Precision Gooseneck Digital Electric Kettle:

Electric Kettles Made in USA of 2021

best electric kettle

This electric kettle by KitchenAid works as beautifully as it looks. The notion behind its manufacturing is to pour the beverage with simple precision. It is a highly versatile kettle that allows customizable temperature. From 140 to 212 Fahrenheit, you can change it in a 1-degree increment. Its one-of-a-kind flow rate settings offer consistent pour for your favorite beverages. Here are some exciting features of this KitchenAid electric kettle.


Variable Temperature:

With this impressive electric kettle, you can ensure the accuracy of every beverage. It offers variable temperature settings so users can set the temperature quickly. This feature is heart-winning because you can’t make every beverage at the same temperature. Hence, you are given a free choice to select the temperature according to your tea or coffee.

Easy Cleanup:

Oftentimes, kettles become too challenging to clean due to their complicated design. If cleaning is one of your primary concerns, look no further. The designers of KitchenAid have thoughtfully designed this sleek kettle. The overall structure is compact, which allows easy cleaning and no waste of time.

Brew-Range Thermometer:

Consistent monitoring of temperature is essential while brewing the beverage. Changes in temperature could impact the taste of the resultant beverage. For monitoring the temperature effortlessly, this kettle features a brew-range thermometer. A lid displaying the current temperature allows the user to keep track of the beverage’s status easily.

  • Customizable temperature

  • Beautiful appearance
  • Solid build
  • Great control
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive due to popular brand name

Final Verdict:

Despite being expensive, this KitchenAid electric kettle is a fantastic product. It offers features that’ll save your time and provide the best results. Operating and cleaning are not tricky, so don’t worry about them. With excellent results and a gorgeous appearance, this kettle can be perfect for your kitchen.

  1. CuisinArt GK-17 ViewPro Cordless Electric Kettle Made in USA

Electric Kettles Made in USA of 2021best electric kettle

For busy professional people who want a quick beverage, this kettle can be significant. It is powered by 1500 watt power that ensures boiling of water within minutes. Its large capacity ensures sufficient beverages for an entire family. It can be a good choice for getting together and small events at home. Its easy function combines with fast performance to produce excellent results.


Great Performance:

The overall performance of this CuisinArt kettle is simply superb. You can check the customers’ feedback to believe us. It comes with a 360° swivel cordless connector for optimal operations. Furthermore, the water boils faster and saves your time thanks to 1500 W power.

Simple and Elegant Design:

If you are a fan of kitchen appliances with decent designs, you might like this kettle. Even though it has a proper design, the overall look is gorgeous. By keeping this electric kettle in your kitchen, you will surely get some praise from your loved ones. Not to mention the pleasing look that will appear in your kitchen by bringing this kettle.

Quick Results:

With the CuisinArt electric kettle, forget about wasting your precious time brewing tea. As mentioned earlier, its incredibly strong power makes sure that water boils faster. You can get freshly brewed coffee or tea anytime within a few minutes. The water markings included in this kettle are easy to read for everyone.

  • Excellent heat output

  • Temperature control
  • Transparent and straightforward glass for easy monitoring
  • Straightforward operation without complications
  • One-touch control for On/Off functions
  • A user complains about an unpleasant smell after boiling

Final Verdict:

CuisinArt GK-17 electric kettle can be your best bet if you prefer a simple and effective kettle. The features are remarkable that’ll make your life easy. This product provides the best results in minimum time due to its robust 1500 W power. You can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with your friends. Its large capacity will ensure the maximum quantity for everyone.

  1. KitchenAid 1.25 Liter Electric Kettle:

Electric Kettles Made in USA of 2021best electric kettle

It is yet another great electric kettle by KitchenAid. It looks extremely cute and knows how to do the job. If you have a small kitchen with less space, this kettle might work out. The cherry on the top is its black color which goes with almost any house theme. As for the performance, it has everything that a fantastic electric kettle would offer. Easy functions and fast results are the remarkable qualities of this kettle.


Removable Lid:

The main purpose of electric kettles is to provide an easy solution to coffee/tea making. That’s why this KitchenAid kettle comes with an easy-to-remove lid. The biggest advantage of this feature is accurate measurement. You can easily check how much water is poured down with a removable lid.

Easy to Carry:

During special gatherings or parties, we often need to take the kettle to our guests. In such cases, cordless electric kettles win over the hearts. It comes with a simple base with a rotation of 360 degrees. You can transfer it anywhere without much hustle.

Durable and Pretty Structure:

You should consider buying this kettle if you love dark-colored kitchen appliances. This kettle is made of high-quality, durable material. Its structure and build perform impressively with low noise. Its easy On/Off functions work like a charm.

  • Compact and stylish design

  • The body is made of Stainless steel material
  • Removable base
  • LED switch and simple controls
  • Great for small kitchen

  • Cleaning might be challenging

Final Verdict:

Quiet, small, and efficient; these qualities perfectly describe this kettle. Not only does it boil fast, but it also shuts down automatically for necessary safety. Your friends and family will love a new addition to your beautiful kitchen. Great construction and stunning design make it a perfect gift for tea/coffee lovers.

  1. Proctor Silex Electric Tea Kettle Made in USA

Electric Kettles Made in USA of 2021best electric kettle

This electric kettle of Proctor Silex is a versatile product with numerous functions. Other than typical tea and coffee, you can also make soup, hot chocolate, and more. The heating element is present in the base, resulting in faster healing. No need to worry about safety because this kettle features automatic shutoff. Further details about the features are given below:


Safe and Fast:

This electric kettle ensures utmost safety while boiling the water fast. You will feel relaxed and peaceful throughout the process because of the safety measures of this item. If a sufficient amount of water is not filled, it will shut off automatically. As for the speed, the heating element boils water even faster than a microwave.

Water Window:

This electric kettle features a water window for perfect measurement. It allows users to see and monitor the amount of water required. With this feature, your beverages will be prepared in the right quantity at your convenience. Hence, making beverages in the right amount for everyone is easy with this kettle.

Built-in Filter

Some recipes of tea require several ingredients for perfect flavor. However, these ingredients often become difficult to separate while serving the beverage. This electric kettle features a built-in filter to solve this issue. This filter prevents the suspended particles from getting mixed in the tea. You can fully enjoy your beverage without getting annoyed by the tiny inseparable particles.

Reliable Performance:

Proctor Silex has been providing tested products for decades. Each function of every single appliance is tested. The staff also ensure a standard performance by using the products as consumers. When the appliances pass tests and thorough trials, only then do the products get launched.

  • Automatic shutoff

  • Safe to use
  • Cordless serving
  • 1 Litre capacity
  • Easy fill
  • Made of plastic

Final Verdict:

This kettle is a great option to boil water quickly for hot beverages. Using it is completely safe, thanks to the auto-shutoff feature. This kettle weighs very light, which makes it an excellent option for elderly users. Lifting and pouring are easy as a breeze cordless structure.

  1. Epica 1.75 Quart Cordless Electric Stainless Steel Electric Kettle:

Electric Kettles Made in USA of 2021best electric kettle

If you are an admirer of metallic grey appliances, this is a treat for you. It is a brilliant combo of style with excellence. This electric kettle comes with a mighty power of 1500 Watts. You can easily adjust the cord’s length and store it inside the kettle. Another great feature is easy to pour to ensure no spillage.


Faster Results:

In this era, keeping up with the pace of the world is extremely necessary. Our lives have become busy with a massive line of tasks ready for us. In this chaos, this electric kettle gives you a moment of relief. With this electric kettle, forget about the pace of heating through the stove or microwave. You’ll find the results to be much faster than these typical options.

Easy Usage:

This kettle contains the electric cord that is attached to the base. As a result, cleaning and filling become super easy. Its bold performance and convenient features will surely impress you. With a package of useful features, what else could one ask for?

Prevents Overheating:

You can avoid overheating your beverages with the simple function of auto shut off. This kettle doesn’t dry out the water, thanks to its handy light signals. It is smart enough to do the job efficiently without assistance. You can start the water heating and complete your chores without worrying about the machine.

Easy Monitoring:

Monitoring and measuring water becomes very easy with a clear window. You can watch the water level at any given point through the window. Additionally, you will also encourage the spout filter and locking lid. These features speak for quality craftsmanship.

  • Quickly heats water
  • Temperature control
  • Durable
  • Includes safety features
  • Long cord

  • Comparatively taller than competitor kettles

Final Verdict:

This kettle is a good choice for people who want a kettle with maximum security. It will ensure utmost safety from fire hazards through the auto-shutoff feature. If you are fed up with the stove and microwave, you can switch to this kettle. Its durable build will provide your long-lasting, enjoyable experience of beverage-making.

Electric Kettles Made in USA – Buyers’ Guide:

Before buying an electric kettle, answering some questions is important. Start by asking yourself if you really need an electric kettle. If yes, then get ready for more questions. What is an ideal kettle for you? What features should it contain? Are you willing to pay the price, or is your budget tight?

To help you find out the answers, we have shared a complete buyer’s guide. Through this guide, you’ll understand the main features and importance of an electric kettle. The best electric kettle depends on your use and other needs. To find out more, keep on reading.

Who needs an Electric Kettle?

It is a good option for people who consider themselves tea/coffee aficionados. If you frequently boil water and you want a quiet solution for it, buy an electric kettle. It does not have the alarming sound that an ordinary kettle has. A stainless steel electric kettle is perfect for anyone who has given up on their plastic kettle.

Main Features of an Electric Kettle:

Variable Temperature:

Having an electric kettle is all about enjoying the perks. Otherwise, what’s the point of investing in an expensive kitchen appliance? Adjustable temperature is available in numerous electric kettles made in USA. If you love green tea or white tea, you’d understand that they require a certain temperature to brew. Adjustable temperature allows users to select a specific temperature as per their requirements.

Cord or Cord-free:

Electric kettles made in USA are available with and without a cord. Cordless electric kettles are more efficient and faster than ones with a cord. Faster results mean coffee/tea on time. Hence, a cordless electric kettle is suitable for people with time constraints.


People living with more family members or friends may want to prefer more capacity. If your socialization includes enjoying hot beverages, consider more capacity. You can make six to eight cups of water in a standard water kettle. If you want fewer cups, go for a travel-sized or smaller kettle.


Power indicates how fast your water is going to be heated. If your electric kettle has more power, the results will be faster. Mostly, a good electric kettle features 1500 watts of power. However, more power also indicates more noise.


Design is not the ultimate priority, but it is one of the attractive features. The design of the kettle creates the first impression on potential buyers. If you are confused between two kettles with similar features, look for a better design. Think about the theme and colors of your kitchen and select the kettle that would match perfectly.

Electric Kettles Made in USA – FAQs:

  • How long can an electric kettle last?

According to a study, an average electric kettle can last up to years. However, many other variables impact the durability of this item.

  • How often should I clean my electric kettle?

Hygiene is one of the essential reasons behind the durability of electric kettles. Always make sure that you clean the kettle well and store it properly. The cleaning duration depends on your usage. If you use your kettle once a day, clean it with detergent after every few months.

  • Can I leave water inside my electric kettle?

No, leaving water inside the kettle is not encouraged. Water can cause the kettle to rust after some time. Another major concern is the development of limescale inside the kettle. Limescale develops through magnesium and calcium found in the tap water. It is not harmful, but it can change the taste of water.

  • Are electric kettles bad for health?

Some electric kettles are created by using toxic material that is harmful to our health. Some examples include lead, plastic, and copper. While buying an electric kettle, prioritize stainless steel electric kettles.


An electric kettle is a fantastic kitchen appliance that one should have. This is important for people who make coffee, tea, or any hot beverage regularly. Other than hot beverages, you can use the kettle for soup and pasta too. Hopefully, our reviews regarding electric kettles made in USA were useful for you. You can further research their information online before placing an order. But if you are clear and have made your mind, then place your order now!


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