Best Wood For smoking Pork Butt ( Oak wood )

The smoky meat with delicious sauces and drinks is a deadly combination as dinner while relaxing with friends or family. When it comes to pork butt or Boston butt, we often give it a deep thought and usually ask, what is the best wood for smoking pork butt?

If you are also finding yourself in such a situation and don’t want to compromise on the taste, keep reading. There is no need to wander in the market when you have complete guidance about wood, here. Let us get you the best wood available that can enhance the taste of meat.

Best Wood For smoking Pork butt Review

  1. Weber 17142 Cherry Chunks, 350 cu. in. (0.006 Cubic Meter)

Weber 17142 cherry chunks are an ideal product to use on almost any kind of meat, whether pork or beef. Pork butt is all about juices, aroma, and rich taste that is why people prefer to smoke it to enhance flavors.

Fruity Flavor

The taste and aroma of cherry chunks are strangely sweet, and you can sense the beauty of cooked meat. It’s a great pick when you don’t want to experience burned smell that can affect the taste of meat. The fruity flavor will enhance the overall taste of a meal.

Best for all Meat

Whether smoking beef, pork butt, or something else, Weber cherry chunks are best to cook any meat with perfection. For the best results, you can pair it with a hot and spicy rub, and it will leave you amazed. It’s best to balance out flavors due to sweet and salty flavors.

Mild Smoke

If this is the first time you are attempting to cook the meat with smoke, choose cherry chunks without a doubt. Due to the mild smoke, your food will not burn and keep it flavorful without adding anything extra.

  • Fruity flavor
  • Perfect smoke
  • Best for vegetables and meat
  • Deliver refreshing feel
  • Some may burn quickly


From the even smoke to flavorful taste, these wood chunks are the best to smoke anything. The salty and sweet smoke keeps your cooking game on point regardless of the item.

  1. Western Premium BBQ Products Post Oak wood for smoking

Whether planning to do a small or huge smoke party, western premium BBQ cooking chunks is the perfect match to pork butt. For protein and vegetables, this wood can burn perfectly well.

Eliminate Pests

You can feel the burst of flavors in every meal when they get smoke from oak BBQ cooking chunks. The heat of wood chunks is treated to eliminate pests, mold, and rot. The meat will absorb flavorful smoke and make the pork butt delicious as you want.

Ideal Timings

You must be tired of using wood chunks that are not ideal for burning a long time, and after a few minutes, they stop working. Western premium oak cooking chunks are the best wood for pork butt and work about 20-30 minutes long. Keep it over the hot burner and change the sides until producing smoke.

Easy to Use

These wooden chunks are easy to use and don’t take long when burning. Also, you don’t have to wait for several minutes for the smoke that can make meat flavorful. By spreading the cooking chunks on the grill, you can have even smoke and boost the flavors.

  • Best for large smoking parties
  • Eliminate pests and mold
  • Last for 20-30 minutes
  • No complaints from the existing users


From the conventional grill to electrical, you can use these wooden chunks with any method. It can cook all the meals with perfection, from vegetables to meat.

  1. Camerons Smoking Wood Chunks, oak wood for smoking

If wondering where to get the classic applewood to get the fruity and smoky flavor from the meat, Camerons are the answer. Camerons smoking wood apple chunks are fruity and sweet that don’t leave your meat smell like wood, and you will enjoy the aroma.

Unique Flavor

The reason for giving smoke to the meat is to get a unique flavor instead of burned aroma we usually get from burning woods. Camerons smoking applewood chunks are uniquely sweet and fragrant that never messes with the meat and deliver an irresistible aroma to your meal.

100% Natural

People often complain about the texture when they buy wood chunks to cook the perfect pork butt. When picking this product to enjoy the barbecue party, you can sense the natural texture while burning and, the burning life is extended.

Best for All

If you are adding wood chunks into your cart for the first time, you must be feeling confused whether these chunks are only suitable for meat smoking or vegetables, too? Let us clear this skepticism, these wood chunks are compatible with any meal, and you will love the results.

  • Easy infused smoke
  • All-natural chunks
  • Delicate smokey flavor
  • Aromatic and flavorful
  • Chunks need cutting


These chunks are good in size, and when you are smoking a single piece, only 3-4 nuggets are enough. They can burn for a good 20-minutes, and smoke can easily infuse into the meat without polluting the surroundings.

  1. Zorestar Oak Smoker Wood Chunks

For a distinct and unique flavor, you can count on Zorestar oak smoker wood chunks. Let it be pork, beef, lamb, or any vegetable; you will love the flavors infused by wood chunks into the meal.

Safe from Chemicals

The worse thing you can go through is smelling chemicals when burning wood chunks. Zorestar oak smoker wood chunks are safe from chemicals and 100% natural to use. There are no pesticides in the wood chunks, and your meat will be safe throughout the cooking.

Even and Slow

People who love to do eat smoky meat struggle through changing wood chunks after every few minutes because they burn too quickly. A box full of chunks is sometimes not enough to prepare a piece of meat, but Zorestar oak smoker wood chunks are different. They burn even and slow whether cooking a piece or more on the grill.

Perfect Color to Meat

Another challenge a meat lover can go through is to see meat burning due to excessive smoke by wood chunks. These wood chunks by Zorestar deliver perfect color to meat and, there will be no burning marks. It delivers mild flavor to the meat with consistent color to make it look scrumptious.

  • 100% natural and safe
  • Deliver excellent smoke
  • No pesticides
  • Burn evenly
  • Weight is less as mentioned


Zorestar oak smoker wood chunks are a great choice for any person who loves smoky meat and cooks on its own. The smoke by these chunks will not add any smell or chemicals to the meat.

  1. DiamondKingSmoker Wild wood for Pork butt

Fresh and flavorful wood chunks are as essential as an unprocessed piece of meat. Without proper wood chunks, how you are supposed to bring aroma into the food, especially when you are a meat lover? Diamond king smoker wild cherry smoking wood chunks are the solution when you want the perfect taste.

Mild and Fruity

You may feel nausea as soon as the piece of meat is in your mouth and it smells like burned wood. This signals your wood chunks are not of high quality and, straining the flavor from a meal. These cherry-smoking wood chunks are mild and fruity to maintain the essence of meat while cooking.

Long-Burning Life

It would be annoying when you have to keep changing the wood chunks to smoke meat, and it will consume loads of time. These wood chunks by diamond king have an impressive burning life, and they can last for 3-hours producing great smoke.

No Pre-Soaking

Usually, when you unpack the wood chunks to prepare them for the smoke, instructions are to pre-soak them for a while for the best results. Guess what? You don’t have to follow the process when using these chunks by the diamond king. Start using them right away and get the delicious aroma of meat.

  • Fresh and clean to use
  • No pre-soaking required
  • 3-hours burning time
  • Even smoke
  • You may find the smell too sweet


Flavors and juices of meat signal the cooking process. This best wood for pork butt will deliver a tasty experience to you without pre-soaking it. The fresh, clean, and flavorful wooden chunks will enhance the taste of a meal.

  1. Western Premium BBQ Products

If you ever want to select the dreamy wooden chunks for smoking the pork butt, there is nothing better than the cherry chunks. The western premium BBQ cherry cooking chunks are exceptional in quality and deliver excellent flavor to every meal you want to have.

Adds Texture

Would you like to feast on meat with no texture, and smoke feels like an artificial sweet smell? If don’t, cherry BBQ cooking chunks is the solution to never experience the burning smoke. This wood will add an excellent texture to the meat, and you will love the taste, too.

Prevent Pests

Due to the low quality of cooking wood; one can experience pest, mold, and other problems in the bag after a while. It should be hygienic enough to last and must prevent pests. Western premium cherry chunks are already aware of the problem and keep them away from the product.

Natural to Use

These wooden chunks are made from real cherry wood, and no artificial chemicals are used in the making. No matter how much you are using to bring the right flavors into the meat, it won’t threaten your health. These are natural, and the aroma is safe to inhale while cooking.

  • Best to eliminate pests
  • Natural to use
  • Adds texture to meat
  • Best for variety of meals
  • Chunks are too big


The cherry wood fragrance is uniquely sweet for an excellent aroma to the meal. You pick this product without any doubts because it’s perfect in taste and produces a suitable amount of smoke to cook pork butt perfectly.

  1. Camerons Products Smoking Wood Pork butt

If you love the traditional smoky barbecue and don’t want any other thing to interfere, hickory smoking wood chunks is an ideal product to use. Whether grilling indoors or outdoors, the smoke will fill your surroundings with a scrumptious aroma.

Traditional Flavor

Most of us love that traditional grilling flavor that takes us into childhood, where we used to party with friends on such a fine day. The standard smoke, fruity and sweet taste will bring all the memories, and you will experience a burst of flavors in your mouth.

Best with All

No matter what kind of sauce you are using, these wooden chunks are compatible with all and bring freshness into the whole meal. The delicate smoky flavor blends with the rub and brings a new flavor to boost the taste of meat, even if it’s a single piece.


No matter what rub you have used on the meat or attempting it for the first time, the excellent and balanced smoke out of these chunks will make your food fail-safe. The results will always be delicious in the end.

  • 100% natural
  • Best for indoors and outdoors
  • Perfect in size
  • Blend with all
  • No issues were reported from customers


Camerons’ hickory wood chunks are impressive in smoke and deliver the right amount of aroma to the food. Soak them for 20-minutes to get the best results while smoking the meat.

Buying Guide of Best Wood For smoking Pork butt

Reading a buying guide is as important as buying the product. After investing the money, none of us want to end up with the wrong wooden chunks. Let us help you know what to consider when choosing the best wood for pork butt.

  • Moisture Content

If the moisture content of wooden chunks is not appropriate, they will not burn for a long time. The smoke will get affected, and your meat will not get the required texture. The appearance and aroma of meat are of great importance when you want a juicy bite. Due to the inappropriate moisture content, chunks will take forever to produce smoke.

  • Natural

When buying wooden chunks, consider its making and whether you can trust the flavors or not? Some people buy cheap quality from the market and think they will work well. As soon as they start to produce smoke, the meat starts to get black, and you can feel the burn in every bite. Ensure the aroma and flavors are according to your requirement to boost the juices.

  • Blend with Rub

The wooden chunks should produce enough smoke and a flavor that can blend well with the rub. People often find chunks hard to ignite due to the blend. Go through the specifications of wood you are about to buy and get the taste of it in every bite. From the apple to hickory, every wood can bring a new taste out of the meat.

  • Burning Time

How annoying will it be when you have to empty the whole packet of chunks to smoke a single piece o of meat because the power is not impressive? Some wooden pieces are not perfect and are covered with chemicals, so they can’t burn for more than 20-minutes. Look out for the chunks that have a long burning time with a traditional aroma.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the best wood to choose for smoking pork butt?

For the authentic and smoky taste of barbecue, none of us is willing to take a risk by choosing the wrong chunks. In our opinion, hickory is the best one to pick as it can deliver traditional smoke and blends with every rub. Along with the traditional smoke, it also gives a sweet fragrance to the meat.

  1. After how much time one should add chips into the smoke?

Usually, when you are preparing smoky meat, never put all the chunks into the grill at once. Ignite some, and after 20-30 minutes, when you feel previous ones are about to lose their power, add more into the grill. If they require pre-preparation before using, soak them for a while and use them.

  1. Why my wood chunks are not producing any smoke?

The reason why chunks may not produce smoke is the excessive dryness. If the pack doesn’t have measurable moisture, it won’t ignite.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to eating smoking meat barbecue, the first thought that comes to mind is to buy wood chunks for enhanced flavors. When searching for the best wood for pork butt, one should have guidance to choose the best one.

By going through our guide, you will get an idea of, how to buy the wood chunks for smoking the meat? They should be safe from pesticides to maintain great taste and aroma for cooking.

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