13 Best Electric Kettles with keep warm function & Temperature Control

Electric Kettles can provide you with boiling water in a few minutes. Yet, they can also perform noticeably more functions. The best electric kettles with temperature control have variable temperatures and are a more effective alternative to microwaves or stovetops. You can brew your cup of coffee or make delicious green tea. Electric kettles will help you perform all such tasks.

You might be thinking that a normal kettle can also boil water. So, why should you go for an electric kettle? Of Course, it is going to be an expensive buy. What’s in it for you? What benefits would you get? The answer is very simple. Electric kettles offer many more functions than normal kettles. They do not only boil water, but they also heat water. Best Electric kettles  with keep warm function allow the consumer to set the temperature themselves.

Normal kettles usually consist of a handle, lid, and a spout. To use such kettles, you need to put them on the stovetop to boil water. When the water starts boiling, the kettles will blow a whistle to indicate the boiling of water. That’s pretty much it. They don’t have any other advanced features.

Moreover, other than coffee and tea, you can make food in an electric kettle too. Imagine how easy it would be to make ramen by only pressing the button! It’s an ideal appliance for working people who want to make the food quickly. Besides, numerous brands are offering the best electric kettles with several advanced features. But too many options often lead to choice paralysis. To overcome it, you should continue reading this article. Below, we have listed the best electric kettles with keep warm function. They will help you decide which one is the right fit for you. So, keep scrolling down.

Top 13 Best Electric Kettles with keep warm function


  1. OXO Cordless Glass Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle

Best electric kettles with temperature control

OXO cordless glass adjustable temperature electric kettle has several great features. This kettle provides the brewing temperature for various tea types. For instance, you can brew green, herbal, black, and many other kinds of tea. You will get the necessary controls to execute the perfect pour-over. This kettle can ease the task of coffee or tea making in numerous ways.

Among many incredible features, versatility is very important. You can control the temperature from 140 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. With this kettle, you have a choice of brewing any kind of tea. With the temperature control, you can adjust the temperature in 1-degree increments. This product is excellent in terms of reliability. When your coffee or tea is ready, it’ll inform you through the beep.

Another remarkable aspect of the Oxo adjustable temperature kettle is its temperature management. This product won’t shut off the temperature right away. But when it’s ready, it will hold the temperature. After 30 minutes, the kettle will shut down the temperature. Another distinctive feature of this kettle is its built-in timer. The timer helps users regulate every stage of the pour-over. By using the Oxo adjustable electric kettle, you will save plenty of your time. Water will boil for a few minutes, making the kettle amazing. Aside from performance, the kettle is definitely not hard on the eyes. Its look is elegant and beautiful. It will bring brightness to your kitchen. For protection, the creators have used a thermal shock-resilient glass in this kettle.

  • Convenient Temperature Control
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick Heating
  • The temperature remains the same for 30 minutes
  • Too expensive
  1. Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Kettle

Best electric kettles with temperature control

Do you want the best tea in the minimum time? Perhaps you should try out Hamilton Beach glass electric kettle. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular electric kettles on Amazon. Hamilton Beach glass electric kettle is all you want in a kettle. This product has multiple unique characteristics, which makes it a customer’s top pick. This kettle is perfect for tea lovers.

The kettle with keep warm function provides a large capacity to serve numerous purposes. You can easily brew your coffee and tea in it. Furthermore, you wouldn’t face any difficulty in making ramen either. It provides a large capacity of 1.7 liter, which is quite sufficient. Making one or two cups of tea is never an issue in Hamilton Beech’s electric kettle. However, this kettle offers enough space for an entire group to indulge in fresh coffee.

It also includes a removable infuser. It allows users to steep loose tea bags inside the kettle. For ideal temperature, this kettle features six various settings. The same temperature cannot make all kinds of tea. True tea lovers know the exact amount of heat required for each type of tea. To keep up with this issue, the creators have included temperature controls. So, you can now enjoy freshly brewed tea, coffee, and even hot cocoa. Hamilton Beech glass electric kettle provides the solution to all problems.

  • Among the bestseller electric kettles available on Amazon
  • One-touch temperature control
  • Keep warm option
  • Cord-free serving
  • Quick and easy boiling of water
  • Automatic shutoff
  1. Bonavita 1.0L Variable Temperature Gooseneck Electric Kettle

Best electric kettles with temperature control

Bonavita is a world-famous producer of specialty coffee equipment. No wonder their electric kettle is on the hit list. A good electric kettle plays a huge part in brewing the perfect coffee. You can buy the highest-quality coffee beans and get the right grind size for your coffee. But if the water temperature is not suitable, it will mess up your entire coffee along with your mood. You would eventually feel sad, never wanting to try coffee again. This is where Bonavita 1.0L Variable Temperature Electric Kettle comes to the rescue. Among the best available gooseneck kettles, this one is the most famous. So now, let’s find out what features this kettle promises.

The design of this kettle is quite similar to that of its predecessors. Though in this design, additional exciting features are included. It has a capacity of 1-liter. Moreover, this kettle is made with brushed stainless steel. The plastic used on the base and lid knobs is BPA-Free.

Bonavita has included many exciting features to support pour-over coffee brewing. The best feature is temperature control. Preset the temperature, and your kettle is ready to brew! This kettle gives you the freedom to select your desired temperature. This product also provides you with easy monitoring of your coffee while brewing. Through its display monitor, you can keep an eye on the display conveniently. While you wait for your friends, Bonavita electric kettle will hold the temperature

  • Control over the flow
  • Elegant design
  • Excellent performance
  • Great value for money
  • Size is quite bulky
  1. Fellow Stagg EKG+ Electric Kettles with keep warm function

Best electric kettles with temperature control

Your first coffee of the day says a lot about how your day is going to be. That first coffee wakes your hidden energy and keeps you enthusiastic for the entire day. It is something that you don’t want to compromise on. For the level of energy your coffee provides, it’s your responsibility to make the best of it. So, buy the best coffee brewer and the finest quality of electric kettle available. It might seem expensive, but it is worth spending every penny.

Do you desire the best morning coffee experience? We recommend you buy a Fellow Stagg EKG+ electric pour-over kettle. This kettle with keep warm function is one of the most useful and essential kitchen gadgets. It gives you the power to set the temperature according to your desire. You can set the right temperature and even experiment with different numbers. Moreover, its amazing design lets you pour the boiled water into tiny, narrow passages.

Many cheaper electric kettles are available in the market. Yet, they won’t offer many benefits. This product combines aesthetic looks and fine quality. No wonder a massive number of users prefer this kettle over the others.

The Stagg EKG+ kettle comes under the category of the smart appliance. It is compatible with the iOS app of Fellow. The non-connected version of this kettle without smart features is also available. The non-connected electric kettles are ideal for people who are conscious about privacy.

  • Marvelous design
  • PID controller
  • Brew stopwatch to manage the time
  • Temperature is available in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Price is a little high
  1. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle

Best electric kettles with temperature control

The next top kettle on our list is Cuisinart PerfecTemp electric 1.7-liter kettle. Cuisinart is a worldwide popular brand. This brand is famous for experimenting with kitchen appliances using smart technology. A good example of their finest work is this stainless-steel electric kettle.

Since its launch, this newly-emerging kettle has become more popular among users. Several e-commerce platforms listed it among the most popular kettles on their websites. The amazing duo of smart technology and classic design rocked. As a result, customers loved it!

We highly recommend Cuisinart PerfecTemp electric kettle to quick but rich tea lovers. It also has the option of choosing the temperature yourself. Hence, now you can control the temperature yourself. This kettle provides 1-⅔ capacity. For indicators, is contains blue light. This product can keep your tea and coffee warm for 30 minutes. The entire body is made from stainless steel, providing it a graceful look.

Cuisinart PerfecTemp electric kettle also features the “boil” option. By selecting it, you can make oatmeal, ramen, and instant cocoa. Did you know that making soup is also possible in this kettle? It might sound unbelievable, but it is true. All you need to do is add instant soup powder to the boiling water. Stir gently and tada! It’s ready to eat. Hence, this superb kettle serves more purposes than the typical coffee-brewing kettles. These are some features that make this kettle be among the finest ones available.

  • 36″ long cord length
  • 1500-watt power to support fast operations
  • 369° swirl base
  • Convenient
  • Solid batter 
  • You cannot remove the lid for inside cleaning.
  1. Breville Variable

Best electric kettles with temperature control

If you take your electric kettle very seriously and use it several times a day, this one’s for you. You must have noticed how an electrical can be versatile in its purpose. People use it for numerous different tasks. However, many kettles have only boiling options. They can straightaway increase the temperature up to the boiling point. But the temperature control kettles, like Breville Variable Temp Luxe Kettle, are better.

This is a stainless-steel kettle that you can easily detach from the stainless base. Due to this very reason, this kettle is easier to fill as pour, as compared to other non-cordless kettles. Another unique thing about this kettle is that it has a water indicator on both sides. Thus, right and left-handed people can easily check the water level.

For temperature settings, this kettle comes with five temperature settings. Each setting has labels of its temperatures and functions. Moreover, it can hold up the temperature for almost twenty minutes. You can simply boil the water and hold it while completing your other tasks. Once you get free, pour in the freshly brewed coffee and enjoy it!

This kettle is the right fit for people who are very conscious about their morning coffee. It comes with customizable and pre-programmed functions. One-touch technology makes your life easy and helps you get that perfect cup of coffee. With a kettle, the brand provides a warranty of 1 year.

  • Customizable, user-friendly functions
  • Temperature hold up option is available
  • Temperature control
  • Smart design
  • Huge capacity
  • Clearly Marked buttons
  • This kettle is pretty heavy in size

       7. Ovente Electric Glass Kettle 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle with keep warm function

Best electric kettles with temperature control

This product is popular among people who value kitchen aesthetics. Ovente has introduced a great kettle with advanced features and a beautiful look. The thing about this Ovente kettle that people love is its affordable price. The market is saturated with brand-new, fine-quality electric kettles. Yet, it’s pretty hard to find a pocket-friendly one. The price is where the Ovente electric glass kettle takes all the credit.

Let’s talk about its advanced features. What exactly does this product offer? It provides users with a safer way of pouring water. With this kettle, you can pour water through the lid. For daily kettle users, this solution is very valuable and efficient. It saves them from wasting their time and energy.

Another significant feature in Ovente electric glass kettle is temperature control. This kettle comes with four variable temperature settings. You can also manage the kettle to keep water warm at a certain temperature. The capacity of the Ovente glass electric kettle is 1.7L water. The interesting thing is the time required for heating. Due to its 1500W (120V) power, the kettle can heat up to1.7L water within 7 minutes. The product also comes with a two-year warranty.

The brand has used top-notch quality glass in this electric kettle. It is capable of resisting extreme temperature. Its stainless-steel body can resist corrosion, rusting, and tarnishing. There is plenty of capacity to make tea for a large number of people.

  • Quick boiling of water
  • Fill-through lid
  • Heat resistant
  • Automatic shutoff after boiling
  • Only four temperature settings
  1. Brim 0.8 Liter Precision Temperature & Perfect Pour Electric Kettle

Best electric kettles with temperature control
The next step is to pick the right electric kettle to extract all that flavor. For optimum flavor, the Brim precision temperature kettle does its best work. It will never compromise the quality of your coffee. This product comes with six temperature settings, allowing users to make mouth-watering coffee. Its one-touch controls are super easy and very user-friendly.

Brim precision temperature electric kettle can keep water warmed up for an hour. Its water boiling system is extremely powerful. This 1000-watt boiling system can boil almost 27 oz of water in a few minutes. The temperature control of this product is highly accurate. It’s within 3°F for optimal brewing.

Are you concerned about the pouring of your coffee? Here’s another good news for you. Brim precision temperature electric kettle features angled gooseneck spout that supports easy pouring. You get the exact extraction level that you desire.

The performance of this kettle can be described in one word- flawless. It has a cordless operation power base that makes its handling easy. Master the brewing process with Brim 0.8-liter precision temperature electric kettle. You can measure with precision and grind it to perfection.

  • Easy to use
  • 1000-watt power for fast boiling
  • Six presets
  • Keeps water warm for one hour
  • Handle is not heat-resistant
  1. Aicok Variable Temperature Electric Kettle:

Best electric kettles with temperature control

Aicok Variable Temperature Electric Kettle is an exceptionally handy kitchen gadget. It has a long list of promising features that make it listed among the top electric kettles. It includes a smart design and multiple exciting features. But that’s not all.

For refined control over your temperature, you are getting temperature control. This kettle gives you six preset temperature levels for your ease. The handle and base are black, while the rest of the body is silver. It has a striking black and silver color combination. This kettle’s out-of-the-box design is impressive. That’s why users adore this kettle. With its stunning appearance, it will add a sparkle to your kitchen.

For confident handling, Aicok has included some special features in this kettle. This kettle comes with a base that provides power to the heating unit. With its 360-degree rotation, it is easy to lift and place this kettle. The power cord is connected to the base. So, you can serve without worrying about the power. Another interesting feature is the water heating option. Every tea and coffee brews at different temperature levels. To brew all beverages, Aicok has included six preset temperature levels. This product is very economical. The price you pay is surely worth spending.

  • Safe handling with solid build
  • Six temperature presets
  • Non-BPA construction
  • Extended warming
  • Impressive design
  • 360° rotation
  • Controls are not intuitive

  1. OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Electric Pour-Over Kettle

Best electric kettles for temperature control

OXO brew adjustable temperature kettle is a remarkable kitchen gadget. It is famous for its work on advanced technology and customer satisfaction. Presently, kettle users demand temperature control to make the best tea and coffee. OXO identified this opportunity and introduced its adjustable temperature pour-over kettle. Just like OXO’s other kitchen gadgets, this product also gained popularity very quickly.

The kettle comes in a package that is loaded with essential information. All details about the features and controls are given in the box. It makes it easier for users to explore the instructions fast. It has a very balanced design. It consists of a gooseneck spout made with stainless steel. The kettle can hold up to 1-liter water. Silicone is used for making the lid, which provides a grippy feel. The handle is very comfortable to grip.

OXO has been successfully introducing top-quality kettles for a long time. The previous kettles that it produced had an easy-to-pour spout. Similarly, OXO’s brew adjustable temperature kettle has an easy-to-control spout for users’ convenience. They can control the flow rate of their beverage.

The controls are super easy. You wouldn’t face any difficulty learning them. Once you select a certain temperature, it will remain the same for 30 minutes after shutting off. The electronic base is well-designed, and the lid is great. All in all, these features make a remarkable kettle.

  • Super Fast boiling
  • Clear display
  • Easy controls
  • Temperature-resistant knobs
  • Fashionable appearance
  • It shows the targeted temperature, but the current one
  1. Miroco Stainless Steel 1.7L Electric Kettle with keep warm function

Best electric kettles with temperature control

Another popular electric kettle among the customers is Miroco stainless steel electric kettle. This product is ranked one of the bestselling on Amazon. Let’s explore the reasons behind it. For a fine-quality beverage, your kettle’s interior plays a huge part. Miroco has created this kettle with 100% stainless steel material. Thus, no plastic can meet water. Its total capacity is 1.7L, which is quite impressive. It also offers automatic shutoff and boil-dry protection. Thus, this kettle consumes lesser energy than microwave or stovetop.

You will get to select the temperature among the given six preset temperature levels. Miroco knows the importance of prioritizing customers’ health. The double-wall system of this electric kettle is made of PP. It means that no BPA is added to the construction of this kettle. Hence, this kettle comprises food-safe materials. Moreover, you can set the temperature and keep it warm for the next 60 minutes.

You can also lift your kettle freely. The cord is connected to the base and not the actual kettle. For this kettle, looks and features go hand in hand. It appears to be as smart as it functions. You can brew coffee in the kitchen and serve it in the hall. It won’t create any issue. For all these qualities, the price tag is reasonable.

  • Advanced safety measures
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient heating
  • Sleek design
  • Durable construction
  • Versatile options
  • One-handed operations

  • In rare cases, the interior may begin to rust
  1. KRUPS Smart Temp Digital Kettle 1.7 Liter

Best electric kettles with temperature control

Add a flicker to your kitchen with KRUPS smart temp digital kettle. You’ll surely be awestruck by its classy appearance. But there’s a lot more to unpack here. Other than the obvious beauty it will bring to your kitchen, this kettle is pretty valuable. It comes with numerous features that’ll make you buy it as soon as possible. It has an immense 1.7 L capacity. You Can easily make 12 cups at once. It implies that this kettle allows you to enjoy freshly brewed tea with your family. Additionally, you will impress your family and friends with its display too.

Like numerous electric kettles, KRUPS smart temp digital kettle also offers temperature control. But it has further value-added features. The temperature you choose is displayed on the digital screen for clarity. You can monitor the temperature and the boiling time.

KRUPS has created it to be a user-friendly kettle. All included options are easy to operate. The main operations are one-touch boiling, automatic lid opening, and auto-shutoff. For convenience, the base is 360° rotational, and the body is cordless. The kettle remains firmly in its place. It also enables users to pick up and set down from any angle.

The entire interior is stainless steel and makes hot beverages very rich. Its maintenance is also very easy. You can clean your kettle’s outside with a clean cloth. The double-wall construction protects the outer layer of the kettle from boiling water.

  • Automatic lid opening
  • 360° rotating base
  • Cord storage
  • Huge capacity
  • Auto-stop
  • Only one color is available

Buyers Guide – What to consider before buying a new best Electric Kettles with keep warm function

You should be very careful while buying an electric kettle. These  best electric kettles with temperature control are expensive compared to the normal ones. You surely don’t want to invest your money in the wrong kettle. So, what should you do? Here are some basic factors you need to consider before buying your electric kettle.

  • Boiling Pace

You should also consider the boiling time of the kettle. Always look for a kettle that boils your water quickly. In our busy lives, we cannot afford to waste our time waiting for the water to boil. The good kettle will never disappoint you and help you with time management.

  • Temperature Control

Another key factor is temperature control. Kettles with temperature control are more valuable than the others. You would not want to compromise the quality of your coffee. Thus, always select the kettle that lets you decide the temperature level of your coffee.

  • Price:

Price is a huge factor while buying anything. There are plenty of kettles at a reasonable price. Yet, some brands set the price higher than the rest. If the product is providing a good value for money, don’t hesitate to invest in it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • When should one buy a new electric kettle?

Many hints indicate when it’s time to buy a new kettle. Keep track of the time it is taking to boil water. If your kettle is functioning well, it won’t take more than 2-4 minutes to boil. If yours is taking more time, it’s time for a change.

  • How should one choose the right electric kettle?

Multiple factors affect the buying decision of a customer. The most important factors include proper functioning and user-friendly controls. If you don’t know how to use the kettle, your money will be wasted. Hence, research well before buying a new kettle.

  • What is the difference between steel and plastic kettle?

It depends on how one uses the kettle. You should not leave water in either of them to reboil it later. If you buy a plastic kettle, you should go for a BPA-free one. Stainless steel kettles are considered more beneficial for our health than plastic kettles. Thus, always prefer stainless steel electric kettles.

Final Thoughts: About the best electric kettles with keep warm function

You have read our top picks for the best electric kettles with temperature control. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you to decide which kettle right for you. The main reason behind the success of electric kettles is the ease that they offer. You don’t need to have a stove or a microwave. You can even adjust the temperature through temperature controls. Ultimately, you’ll make the perfect tea and coffee.

Electric kettles are far more efficient than ordinary kettles. Trust us. Once you start using them, there’s no coming back. You would never want to use a normal kettle again. For hot-beverage admirers, an electric kettle is a very significant appliance. They are not a necessity. Yet, there’s no way back once you start using them. You can do further research online. It will help you decide as well.

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