5 Best Electric Kettle Without Plastic Reviews

For many of us, electric kettles are among the essential kitchen appliances. Brewing a hot cup of coffee or tea is the first thing we do in the morning. But have you ever wondered if the regular usage of these kettles is harmful to you? Believe it or not, numerous electric kettles contain plastic that can be extremely toxic. Plastic consumption can cause severe health issues, including cancer. Since plastic is a cheaper material, it is widely used in numerous appliances all across the world.

Electric kettles are not an exception. They can be pretty toxic due to the plastic material used. Even if you find such kettles helpful, do not buy them. Several well-known brands sell the best electric kettles without plastic. We have shared a detailed review of these kettles based on reviews and feedback. These kettles do not contain plastic that comes in contact with beverages.

Best Electric Kettles without Plastic Review:

  1. Oxo Brew Clarity Adjustable Temperature Kettle

The first product that we have is this electric kettle by OXO. These electric kettles provide features that make your life easy. It performs efficiently well thanks to the variety of features. You can enjoy faster-boiled water compared to a microwave or stove. Moreover, it can be a perfect fit if you want an electric kettle without plastic. To learn more about the detailed features, keep on reading.


Durable Material:

This remarkable electric kettle comes with high-quality, durable material. The main body is created by using BPA-free borosilicate glass. The glass body also keeps the kettle with thermal shock protection. Don’t worry about the health issues as no BPA is used in this kettle. The body is made of glass, and the filter is stainless steel.

Cord-free Design:

Cord-free design helps you carry the kettle anywhere without hassle. When you invite guests over, bringing hot beverages from the kitchen over and over is not fun. However, this kettle allows you to take it easily anywhere you want. All you need to do is simply transport it from its 360° swivel base.

Temperature Control:

OXO understands that true beverage lovers are serious about their beverages. The manufacturers know that every tea or coffee brews at different temperatures. Therefore, this electric kettle features temperature control for tea/coffee enthusiasts. Whether you prefer green tea or oolong, making them is super easy. The available options for temperature control range from 170° F to 212° F.

  • Comfortable structure for easy pour

  • Reusable stainless steel filters
  • Removable kettle
  • Glass body for water visibility
  • One-dial interface to easy operation
  • The design is not easy to clean

Final Verdict:

Enjoy every sort of tea without risking your health with the OXO electric kettle. It is made of high-quality BPA-free material to remove potential harm. The features are plenty, and the functions are easy. Take it wherever you want and enjoy a pleasant cup of tea/coffee.

  1. COMFEE 1.7L Double Wall & Low Noise Electric Kettle Without Plastic

This is yet another electric kettle that brings a great package of valuable features for you. It offers super quiet operations and a fairly large capacity. The material is BPA free for ultimate health protection. This electric kettle by COMFEE produces fast results with one-touch operations.


Super Quiet:

A quiet kettle works as a blessing for people with babies in their house. This Coffee electric kettle offers quiet operation for ultimate peace. You won’t risk waking up the baby just to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. That’s why this kettle is made to be extremely quiet. Hence, users can indulge in the pleasure of hot beverages at any time.

Swift Operations:

If you want a me-time tea but you’re getting late for the office, you can’t waste your time. In such cases, the electric kettle with swift operations works like a charm. It is powered by a 1500 W heating power that ensures fast boiling of water. Hence, making a delightful cup of coffee/tea is no longer a time-consuming task.

Stainless Steel Body:

The interior electric kettle is made of premium 304 food stainless steel. The designers have ensured that no plastic gets in direct contact with boiling water. Furthermore, this electric kettle comes with a pop-up lid for users’ convenience. You can easily operate the kettle one-touch swift operation.

  • Super quiet operation
  • 7-litre capacity
  • 1500 W power
  • Exceptionally safe
  • Auto shut op and boil dry protection
  • It may develop rust and stains as per a review

Final Verdict:

This COMFEE electric kettle is for everyone who wants standard quality with safety. The manufacturers claim that it remains cool outside even when it’s hot inside. This kettle allows users to enjoy their tea time with super-quiet operation. Hence, it can be a mothers’ best friend and the dearest kitchen appliance. This product is safe to use with no plastic directly in contact with water.

  1. Miroco Electric Kettle, Without Plastic Tea Kettle:

Miroco electric kettle is yet another option for the best electric kettle without plastic. Its exterior is cool-touch and is BPA-free. The entire interior is 100% stainless steel to eliminate potential harm. No plastic is in direct contact with water as per the manufacturers. Its smart design made this kettle easy to clean. Overall, this electric kettle can be a healthy and efficient addition to your family.


Exceptionally Safe:   

This electric kettle includes British Strix Thermostat technology and auto shut-off. These features are perfect for ensuring ultimate safety and excellent durability. It is made of stainless steel, and the plastic doesn’t touch the water. A perfect combo is high-quality PP clad and stainless steel for scratch resistance.

Time-Efficient Kettle

This kettle can smoothly boil 8 cups or 1.5 litres of water quickly. The manufacturers claim that boiling water takes just 6+7 minutes. From hot cocoa to black coffee, everything can be made fast in this kettle. It allows users to save their time and complete more important chores.

Cool Touch Exterior:

A cool-touch exterior offers easy handling for users without burning their hands. Even if there is boiling hot water, touching the body won’t hurt. Furthermore, the elegant design of this kettle will improve your kitchen’s look. The designers have done a beautiful job in developing a simple yet attractive product.

  • 1500 W operating power

  • Elegant design
  • Plastic does not touch the water
  • Extra safe
  • Easy to use
  • Some reviews stated that it rested quickly

Final Verdict:

This electric kettle by Miroco is offering a wide range of numerous features. From easy usage to fast boiling, you’ll get many benefits. The interior is completely plastic-free, so don’t worry about your health. If you like the features, this electric kettle can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

  1. Elite Gourmet Ek-1203W Electric Water Tea Kettle

his electric kettle is an amazing blend of easy functions and grace. It comes with a sleek design that would enhance your kitchen’s appearance. This electric kettle performs as beautifully as it looks. It boils water quite efficiently, saving a significant amount of energy and time. Thanks to its double-wall tough exterior, this kettle offers heat preservation and anti-scaling.


Convenient for Everyone:

From youth to elderly, everyone can use this electric kettle. Its functions are simple and safe. This kettle contains an auto shut-off function, so you don’t have to monitor the water constantly. Furthermore, it has sufficient capacity to boil up to five cups of water.

Safe and Healthy Design:

This kettle has a cute design, and it includes a BPA-free stainless steel interior. This wonderful combo makes your life easier and enhances your kitchen’s grace. The power is 1350 watts for quick boiling of water. All in all, this electric kettle is great for you to enjoy healthy hot beverages.


Another great thing about this kettle is the spill-proof design. It reduces the chances of accidental spills and mess. The large spout of this kettle is made of stainless steel filter to ensure a perfect pour. You can enjoy your tea using this kettle easily without worrying about any accidental mess.

  • 2-litre capacity
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • BPA-free design
  • Fast boil system
  • Spill-proof pour
  • Some users complained about the design looking cheap

Final Verdict:

Enjoy a hot coffee with your friends and family with this efficient Elite electric kettle. With its large capacity, you can boil five cups of water. This smart kettle knows its job, so it turns off automatically once the water is boiled. Its stainless steel interior with efficient performance makes this kettle worth considering.

  1. Willz Electric Gas Kettle with Heat Resistant Handle and Cordless Pour

Willz electric gas kettle is powered by a 1500 W heating system for speedy boiling. It is a handy product to make hot chocolate, coffee or any other beverage. Furthermore, it contains a heat resistant handle to protect users from possible burns. It also offers a 360° heating base.

This kettle can make your life easy with easy-to-use functions and an easy-to-clean design.


Boil Dry Protection:

You can safely use this kettle in your house without worrying about possible damage. Its boil dry protection allows the kettle to turn off when no water is detected. If you’ve ever forgotten to turn off the kettle after the water is boiled, don’t worry. This amazing electric kettle will save your life with its overheat protection. Thanks to this feature, the kettle will turn off automatically after boiling the water.

Easy Cleanup:

Cleaning up the kettle can be a messy and time-taking process. The ease of cleaning depends on the design. Fortunately, this electric kettle is designed to be easy to clean. The manufacturers claim that this product is easy to clean. You won’t waste your precious time cleaning the item.

Durable Glass:

This electric kettle is made of premium-quality glass. You can enjoy the taste of water since it doesn’t contact with plastic. A powerful heating system will ensure the water boils fast. While boiling the water, this kettle turns on the blue light for delightful visuals.

  • Safe to use

  • Quick boiling
  • 7-litre liquid capacity
  • Heat resistant handle
  • Overheat protection
  • A review complained about water deposits after first-time use

Final Verdict:

Beautiful appearance and efficient performance; this kettle is a combo of both. Its features are amazing and safe to use. You can brew tea or coffee effortlessly and fast in this electric kettle. The capacity is great for a large group of people. That’s why it is a good choice which you can consider buying.

Best Electric Kettles without Plastic – Buyers Guide:

Hopefully, you have now decided which kettle is among the best electric kettles without plastic for you. Or maybe you are still confused. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Each product has a variety of features which causes lots of confusion in your head. If you don’t understand how to look for a decent and efficient kettle, look no further. We have shared this buyers’ guide that might clarify some thoughts.

What to Look for in an Electric Kettle Without Plastic?

Here are some basic features everyone would want to have in their next kettle. Think about them and decide which ones you would like to see in your kettle.


Electric kettles come in many shapes and sizes. While some are designed to be simple and elegant, others give a fancy look. The choice of design is totally up to individual user’s preferences. Other than that, you might want to check out space-efficient kettles if your kitchen is small.


The material of an electric kettle can directly affect your food and, eventually, your health. Buying cheaply made products like plastic may potentially risk your health. Don’t make the mistake of opting for cheap products just to save some bucks. As for electric kettles, the best material is stainless steel and glass.


Good-quality electric kettles are not cheap. They cost a significant amount of money. You won’t want to spend the amount any soon. That’s why you should consider buying a durable electric kettle. A kettle that lasts long and produces the best results should be your best bet.


This feature is important for elderly busy individuals who often forget things. After adding water to the kettle and start boiling it, you may just forget. That’s where safety measures come to the rescue. Features like auto-shutoff and boil dry protection are very useful to keep your family protected. Boil dry protection lets the kettle turn off when there is no water. Similarly, the automatic shut-off feature enables the kettle to turn off after boiling water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why are plastic electric kettles bad?

If plastic comes directly in contact with water, it is a health hazard. The plastic kettles can also cause a change in the taste or scent of water.

  1. Should I empty my electric kettle after using it?

Yes, precisely. Plastic or glass, putting water in an electric kettle is not encouraged. The water inside the kettle might also start developing limescale.

  1. Do electric kettles kill bacteria?

The electric kettles provide sufficient heat to water, so it starts boiling. The phenomenon of water boiling may kill bacteria.

  1. Is it okay to reboil water in the electric kettle?

No. Reboiling the same water is not suggested. It is better if you empty the kettle after using it and fill it next time with new water.

  1. How long does a good electric kettle last?

If you go for a good-quality electric kettle, it can last for nearly four years. The lifespan also depends on how much you care for it. Your electric kettle may last longer if you use it cautiously.

  1. What is BPA, and why is it harmful?

BPA can be described as Bisphenol-A. It is an industrial chemical that is utilized for producing plastic. Exposure to this chemical can lead to a variety of health problems. Hence, products that contain BPA are not recommended to buy.

  1. Why does an electric kettle need to be BPA free?

You need to minimize the exposure to BPA for your health. That’s the reason why good-quality electric kettles are BPA-free.

  1. Can I use an electric kettle for cooking?

Some foods can be made using an electric kettle. For instance, you can boil water for ramen, soup, and oatmeal etc. However, an electric kettle cannot be used for hard and fast cooking.

  1. Can I drink water from an electric kettle?

If the kettle is made of plastic, drinking water from it is harmful.

  1. Is it okay if I put milk in my electric kettle?

If your kettle’s manual allows you to put milk, you can. Generally, using an electric kettle for milk is not recommended.


We hope you found our review of the best electric kettles without plastic useful. While searching for your own electric kettle, make sure it is not made of plastic. Even buying BPA- free products can be harmful. Studies show that some alternatives to BPA might also cause harm to our health. You can research further to learn about it more. However, a premium-quality electric kettle can become your best friend. Enjoying your day with freshly brewed coffee/tea has become extremely easy now.

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