6 Best Electric Kettle For Pour Over Coffee 2021

Best Electric Kettle for Pour over Coffee

What is pour over coffee brewing? It sounds excited to know about the answer. Pour-over brewers are slightly different yet, versatile from other coffee dripper. Pour-over brewing, no doubt, is a manual process. Being triangular-bowl shaped, it comes with a single flask or as a single item.

Few people have faith that using a pour-over kettle might be a waste of time. It’s a kind of trick that makes a person trendy and coffee hipster, alternatively providing answers. Indeed, these pour-over kettles are the ideal equipment to have if you are fond of coffee.

We have rounded up a list of the best electric kettle for pour over coffee after digging through thousands of websites. So without wasting your precious time, scroll down and continue reading this article to get an insight into the top yet durable & powerful electric kettle for pour-over coffee.

Best Electric Kettle for Pour over Coffee

  1. Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle

Bonavita variable temperature kettle is one of the most popular Gooseneck kettles. But does it match up to its promise? Let’s have a deep look to know about this aesthetically designed kettle.

A well-known manufacture company established this with the specialty of supplying coffee equipment. This product is available with exciting features along with its versatile design. It is made of brushed stainless steel material and weighing 1-litter.

With BPA-free plastic at the bottom, along with the handle and lid knob, this is comfortable to use. No matter how to use, it will always be convenient to use because of its ergonomic smooth design. The specially designed handle makes it comfy to hold.

Not only that, this stainless steel kettle equipped with an elongated gooseneck spurt, and cordless 360° swivel base that facilitates you to hold it quickly and to put it back. It also has a lid that can be removed easily with the assistance of tension adjusters to ensure close-fitting.

The Bonavita Electric Gooseneck Kettle saves up your time and provides you easy brewing. Being a multipurpose temperature kettle, you can choose the temperature setting according to your requirement with one-degree increments between 140 ̊F and 212 ̊F.

  • It is portable therefore, can be used anywhere, like in the shops, in offices, stores, and other places
  • It’s a fantastic product for frequent use
  • Easy to handle
  • Worth its price
  • The lightweight kettle is pretty handy and easy to move
  • It might get rusted if not properly maintained
  1. Gator Pour-over Kettle

Gator stainless steel kettle comes with solid built and can hold up to 1 liter of water. A thermometer is fixed in the lid and an excellent colored indicator to keep an optimum temperature ranging from 195F-205F. The fountain is long and shaped like a tree-stem to allow to hold it securely.

Everyone knows that metals are not a convenient option to put in the microwave, but the water used to heat coffee in the Gator Kettle provide you with a facility to put them directly on the stove like gas, induction, and electricity.

Not only that, the glass carafe is designed so beautifully that you will feel contented after adding it in your kitchen range. All in all, it’s a perfect kettle to take your coffee brewing experience to a next level.

It works to hold the stainless steel filter tightly and perfectly; its top section is intended impeccably. Its average capacity to hold up a coffee is 300 ML. The top compartment provides rubber insulation, which means you don’t need to heat water again and again. Also, the top section creates coolness.

The cone also works amazingly and has a little tab handle, making it easier to insert and remove. In addition to it, the cleanup of this kettle is straightforward. It would be best if you had few seconds under running water.

Add some water and your favorite coffee beans in the kettle and place for just 30 seconds in the microwave to a rolling boil. Afterwards, transfer the boiling coffee into your cup and you’re all set to make your coffee experience incredible.

  • Large container size
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Its thermometer has a blue-zone to indicate the perfect timing of coffee temperature
  • Its unique triple-layer base prevents rusting and increases durability
  • Iideal for precision pour-over brewing

  • It looks perfect on paper, but few reports have been delivered about its manufacturing issues

Gooseneck Electric Kettle with Temperature

Gooseneck kettle designed so to provide its user a great look. All married couples tried hard to get all the new and customized equipment to have at their hand in the case of need. This kettle is no exception because of its simplicity and design.

It is designed with the combined material of a sleek mirror and furnished with stainless steel material, which makes its body lit like a mirror. Moreover, it looks exquisite and sophisticated. Furthermore, it has fortified with a functional handle made up of BPA-free plastic.

Meanwhile, its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable pour, a vital feature to consider when purchasing a pour-over coffee kettle. Other usual kettles take 3 minutes to complete the process of pouring.

We choose this as the best product because it has no rubber along with the kettle since water is safe from a rubbery material and its potential effects. Its body is of stainless steel, which is 100% food-grade high-quality material.

In a nutshell, this amazing kettle allows you to change the water temperature to maintain hotness for a longer duration of time. It’s an entry-level gooseneck kettle and designed to boil water without any hassle.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a stylish yet pocket-friendly electric kettle for pour over coffee, then you may consider adding this product in your cart.

  • It allows you total temperature control in only one-degree increments
  • Stainless steel, BPA-free
  • A built-in timer makes it a valuable item for homeowners
  • 360-degree swivel base, easily placed on stoves
  • The spill-proof lid, which is easily removable
  • The price is a little higher than the average


  1. Fellow Stagg EKG, Electric Pour-over Kettle

The Fellow Stagg EKG is another great option and is near to perfect kettle. Its aesthetically designed body is in the eye of the beholder; still, the kettle will attract the attention of everyone who perceives it—a space capsule-shaped kettle with a sleek and compact body.

Its antler-like handle and base can frequently add up to a handsome. Not saying much, but it’s a great addition to the world of coffee stations. Its pouring feel natural, and its spout allows a person to have subtle dribbles that can’t disturb or splash.

Suppose you watch its well-designed and unique outer side, which is visually accessible. In that case, it mentions both temperatures – target and the current temperatures, and temp shifts from hold mode to continuous mode.

Unlike other kettles that, when lifted, stop the times from display, this kettle enables you to watch both current and target temperature display even when you lift it and place it in its accurate position. Due to this amazing feature, this electric kettle has grabbed the attention of almost every other individual, and it’s our top favorite electric kettle too.

Not only this kettle looks perfect and impressive in design, also it has a pretty informative display which makes it more worthy and demanding. All in all, it’s a great investment if you want to take your coffee experience to a step forward. Moreover, it’s quite easy to set up and heat up quickly.

  • It is fantastic to-the-degree control ranging from 105 to 212 degrees
  • It shows both “Set Temp” and “Real Time Temp” on an LCD screen
  • Displays both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Built-in Brew stopwatch
  • Heats up in 3 minutes
  • It’s a bit pricey, but it comes with a lot of amazing features


  1. Hario Gooseneck Coffee Kettle For Pour Over Coffee

The Hario V60 Buono Coffee Drip Kettle is one of the best pourings over kettles and has made its name well-known in the hot beverage industry. You can choose it because, indeed, it is a coffee-serving dream machine.

Pouring is a feature that a coffee pour-over kettle should have. When it comes to the Hario V60 Buono, its pouring control is quite natural and realistic, keeping the product at the top of the list. Also, you will have maximum control over its gooseneck spout while pouring.

All coffee lovers want to have this kettle because of its smooth pouring feature, and it seems to be the ultimate reason people loving to this particular product. Even you can put coffee in the tiniest teacup without spilling a drop of coffee over there.

Angled tip of the kettle and perfectly designed spout is the reason to stand it on the top of the list. As its size is small, therefore, it doesn’t take too much space in the kitchen. At the same time, you achieve an area of 27-ounce, which is exceptionally good to prepare three or four cups of water simultaneously without any chaos.

The kettle is called svelte due to the fact it has some curves on it. Thus, it looks slender and elegant over. Above all, its lightweight feature allows you to carry or move anywhere without putting immense efforts.

So, if you want to purchase a kettle which is handy and has outstanding features, you should add Hario Gooseneck coffee kettle in your cart.

  • It is made of stainless steel so it will last longer
  • The capacity of 0.8 liters, directly uses for drip coffee
  • Flat knob lid, covers-up excellently
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Used with Hario v60 Coffee Dripper
  • Sometimes made of thin sheets low quality material
  1. Ovalware Pour over Coffee Kettle


Precise to-the-degree temperature control (104°F-212°F) to personalize your perfect rich aromas and nuanced flavors for various brews like pour over coffee, french press, and green tea.~~~~~~[BREW STOPWATCH] Effectively track and control your brew time using the built-in stopwatch. Once water reaches your desired temperature, the electrical kettle will efficiently enter standby mode and auto shut-off after 10 minutes.~~~[GOOSENECK SPOUT] Slender gooseneck spout provides full control over the water speed and direction from different pouring angles. Achieve a precise, steady, and consistent pour to evenly extract coffee from coffee grounds and brew like a professional barista.~~~~~~” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-reviews=”0″ hide-price=”1″ hide-button=”0″ width=”750″]OVALWARE Electric Pour Over

Ovalware pour-over coffee kettle, though, comes at a low price than counterparts yet, quite admirable. Its overall look and functionality fascinate the beholder’s eyes. This kettle has adjustable temperature control.

Like others, it just takes 5 minutes to heat and maintain water temperature. Its all-in-one body is not only accessible, but it is also adored by many due to its design. To clean it up is as handy as washing a plate. Just place it under the water, and you’re all set to make your favorite coffee.

Its sturdy and well-built design will surely please its user. Moreover, it will work excellently in terms of quality as well. The best thing we discovered up till now is, it has no plastic parts; therefore, few chances of rusting have existed.

The handle has made to not returning heat to the hand of the person holding the kettle since it feels balanced whenever you have picked it. So, finally, a piece of good news, you do not need to worry about accidental burns.

Additionally, Ovalware comes with a particular opening on the lid. It is made for thermometer purposes and provides a quick reading after you added water to boil.

  • Affordably priced with unique features
  • Good-quality construction and sturdy design
  • Stylish design with built-in heat resistance in the handle
  • Protects the hand from accidental burns
  • It takes too long to boil in an induc
  • tion cooktop

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1— Is pour-over coffee better than French press or drip?

Both French press and pour-over coffee uses a different process. Pour over uses a continuous flow of fresh hot water, while French press drip coffee uses immersion techniques to make water-saturated.

Pour-over coffee works by extracting coffee aromas and oils which coffee possess naturally. The best thing is that the process works on its own and doesn’t need any forced activity since pour-over contains filters to extract oils, which clean up your cup of coffee to a more large extract.

2 – Do someone needs pre-ground coffee for a pour-over coffee kettle?

Yes, pour-over will needs coffee beans passed from grinders. It’s unavoidable because the water flows through ground coffee beans. If you have not passed the coffee bean from the grinder, it will not be blend with the water. You might buy ground coffee or can grind by yourself.

3 – How does pour-over affect the taste of coffee?

Pour over in comparison to other brewing equipment will enhance and accentuate the intricate coffee flavor. It will never change the flavor; it will only flourish the more subtle aromas. Also, it will you’re your taste-buds into a new world.

Final Thoughts: Best electric kettle for pour over coffee

After reading our guide, we hope you would get a clear idea about the best electric kettle for pour over coffee. A lot of different variants are available in the market nowadays. Thus, it might be difficult for someone, especially beginners, to buy the suitable one.

Don’t worry, we have listed the top 6 products that you can choose to fulfill your demands. Certainly, every product has its pros and cons, therefore, we would recommend you to invest some time in research and buy the product that perfectly fits according to your requirements.

Also, you can choose from our list as we tried our level best to provide you with the top yet fantastic products to make your coffee brewing experience unforgettable.

We hope you’ll find this article beneficial and informative.

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