13 Best Ceramic Electric Kettles – White Ceramic

It is said that tea always has a special place in your heart. How true is it, my friend? If you want my answer, then it’s hundred percent true in my case.

As a tea lover, making tea can be a task for you, but the taste is worth all the energy and effort. Boiling water almost now and then on the stove can make you feel more sapped. Don’t worry, as I have an ultimate solution to ease all your worries and hurdles. Moreover, it can help you make coffee and other beverages as well.

If you are too tired to make tea every day on the stove, buying a great kettle can be a lifesaver. Kettles are one of the most used items in the household, but the great ones last for years. How can you be aware of the “best kettle” that can serve the purpose too? To your knowledge, electric ceramic kettles are high in demand.

It is not because ceramic is strong and durable, but it looks beautiful at first sight too. Thus, If you’re searching for such a kettle as well, here is a list of the best ceramic electric kettle Reviews that will help you find the appliance of your choice. Let us get started without any further ado.

13 Best Ceramic Electric Kettles Reviews

  1. BELLA Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle

BELLA is the name of choice for every user who has been the best in quality and functionality. This ceramic tea kettle not just looks great but serves the function of its finest. You would also like to know more about the product so let’s get started.

Water to boil fast is almost a dream for you. But there is much more than it. This electric kettle boils water fast and allows you to stay protected as well. The 1200 watts of heating  element comes with a fully detachable base alongside a 360 degree rotating top. Furthermore, you can easily make teas or coffees with it.

The convenient design is also easy to carry and goes well with your kitchen necessities. Moreover, its capacity is also spacious and can fit 1.2 liters of water in one go, reducing the number of trips you might need to work on. It also gets operated with one-touch control and comes with an easy lining.

You might also wonder about the auto-shutoff feature which it comes with. The feature gets activated once the water is about to boil and reaches its ultimate temperature. It does not just work great, but the water tastes good without any extra flavor. It is also durable so that it will last long!

  • It has a great capacity for the water to boil in.
  • The brand offers different designs and patterns with the same features.
  • The product dimensions are great.
  • It might start to leak after a while.

  1. Pinky Up Noelle Grey Ceramic Tea Electric Kettles

Based on customer reviews, the Pinky Up Noelle Grey Ceramic Tea kettle is great when it comes to the gooseneck. The chic and stylish piece makes the hosting experience easy and much better. Moreover, it is a cord-free design which makes it the most important deal.

The family-friendly product can be displayed on your dinner table and still looks great due to the cool design. Talking about its price range, it is great and budget-friendly as well. The feature that might interest you is the temperature control with various functions to set it accordingly.

Apart from the lid design, it looks great and can make a great gift if you want to send it to a loved one. The first sight also proves it to be well-made and a substantial material with great insulation. I feel like ceramic electric kettles control heat better than stainless steel, which would be a plus point.

Moreover, you can also use it every day and put it on a smooth surface. I will also suggest you keep it safe from the children. Not just is it cute, but the overall quality will leave you in awe, so I will suggest you give it a try.

  • It has a great look and substantial design.
  • It serves the function well with great temperature control features.
  • It has a great handle and spout for pouring water.
  • The lid might cause issues.

  1. Bialetti (35027) 1.5 Liter Electric Ceramic Kettle, White

Third, comes Bialetti’s ceramic electric kettle with a hefty capacity of 1.5 liters sufficient to serve a large family’s needs. The overall material quality is pretty cool alongside its pattern that has won my heart. The product, although it has an exterior of ceramic, but hides stainless steel behind.

Well, the heating element is worth talking about here, which is concealed and looks extra nice. Moreover, if you talk about the time it needs to boil the water fully, it is 3-4 minutes. The power consumed in each cycle is 1,350 watts which are great too.

One of the most overwhelming features is the LED indicator. Once it turns on through the electricity, you will get to know through its light. It also serves well if you need to boil water fast. The overheat protection allows you to save the water as well as adds to its protection. It also maximizes the longevity of the kettle.

The detachable swivel base can be rotated 360 degrees and works by keeping the water warm for a longer span. The thick body made of ceramic also functions in this regard. In case you are worried about the reliability of the brand, it offers a year warranty so you can get it replaced in case of any mishaps.

  • It comes with an inside volume indicator.
  • There is a 360 detachable base.
  • It also comes with safety settings.
  • It weighs more.

  1. FixtureDisplays Teapot, Ceramic, w/Electronic Heat Plate,

Fourth on the list is FixtureDisplay’s newly launched product that has a minimal and basic design. The main focus here is to vibe with the antique kitchen accessories and gadgets, and thus the brand has launched this traditional-looking teapot. It has an amazing and pretty floral pattern all around that would steal your heart.

Moreover, it has a classic shape that is round with a large spout that will help you pour the water or tea. If you want to look for its power consumption range, it takes about 1000 watts of power and has a capacity of one liter. The period for boiling water is short as it takes a few minutes to do so.

It also comes with an indicator that turns on when it starts functioning. If the volume of water gets exceeded, it gets drained by the holes present at the base that too to protect the kettle from overheating. Here you can also enjoy a 30-days easy to exchange warranty that is too helpful if you have bought a defective piece.

The compact design also fits in well and offers a great look to your kitchen. It is also an electronic device, so you will not have to use the stove for such purposes.

  • It has an auto-shutdown button for protection.
  • The kettle offers extra volume protection measures as well.
  • This kettle has a great and sleek design
  • The handle is small, so you might need to be careful while handling it.


Fifth on today’s list is Sunpentown’s prestigious and award-winning ceramic electric kettle. From its blowdry protection to auto shut-off, the device has got you covered anyway. Do not get me started about its volume, as it is by far the heftiest kettles I have ever seen. It serves a space of 3.8 liters which is insane!

Although the boiling of water takes a while as it consumes less power than 280 watts. Thus, you might need to wait with this one, but there are no worries about the stove. Ceramic works as a thermo-insulator here as it works great and is lined both on the inside and outside.

Not just it, but the kettle can be used for multiple purposes. I know there are many people who rely on herbs and herbal medications, and thus you might need to boil the water now and then. Thanks to Subpentown’s technology that has made life easier. Now you can boil herbal medicines here too.

The gooseneck spout is small but makes the serving easy as there is almost zero chance of spilling the tea. Moreover, some lights indicate to you about its working. The brand also offers a year warranty if you need to get it exchanged.

  • It can make your herbal medicines through boiling.
  • It has a great volume of 3.8 liters.
  • The device has great functionality and an automatic shut-off button.
  • The water takes a while to boil fully

        6.   BELLA (13622) 1.2 Liter Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle

Nextis BELLA’s electric kettle that provides a traditional and antique vibe to it. Another model from this brand also ensures the great capacity to carry water in the kitchen. It also has a ceramic coating that allows the water to stay warm, thus acts as an insulator. It too stands out from the other ones I have mentioned earlier due to its beautiful exterior.

This one also lets you control the temperature and allow you to have a look at its status. There is a blue light you might see that glows when the device is turned on, this is a great plus for safety and control.

When you talk about the functionality, it provides you 1.2 liters of space which is quite generous. As the power is concerned, it consumes 1100 watts. Thus it boils water real fast, i.e., in five minutes. There are also five heat settings you can choose from. It may vary from the beverage you need to prepare.

I will give it a 10/10 with two years of solid money-back warranty for its exceptional boil-dry protection. With its cordless pitcher, I am sure that you would make the most out of it.

  • It offers a generous volume of 1.2 liters.
  • The device keeps the water warm for a while.
  • There are safety protection features as well.
  • The product does not seem a durable one.

         7.Victorian Trading Co Electric Hot Water Tea Kettle Ceramic

Being one of the most beautiful electric tea kettles, Victorian Trading Co. has won hearts by launching this product. I am aware of your love for ceramic tea kettles, but this one is more advanced than the previous ones you have been using for years. It has a delicate body and serves the purpose, and there is much more to look for.

The body here is made of 100% ceramic. Yes, from the inside and space of 1 liter to carry the water you are about to boil. The brand claims it to be a “keep warm” friendly product. On tests, it can keep the water super hot till 20minutes which gradually decreases as time passes.

What’s more, this one can get turned off once the water comes to the boiling stages and vapors are formed. It helps in protection and makes the kitchen a safe space. A cordless design is its specialty which is a great deal. You can also check its base; that too is detachable and works great.

The power cord comes with a base that functions on a wrap-around mechanism. Thus, there is no need to worry about your kitchen being untidy. Moreover, the kettle weighs 3.45 pounds.

The brand also offers a year warranty with this product.

  • There is a light indicator for safety.
  • It works to keep a warm function.
  • The kettle is easy to store.
  • The kettle has a delicate body, so you have to be careful with it.

8.FixtureDisplays Ceramic Electric Kettle Two-Tone 15000

The two-tone floral design is trendy nowadays, isn’t it? This is what the FixtureDisplay has come up with. Not only it has a two-tone design, but the boasted color-changing pattern is unique, which makes it stand out from the other products I have mentioned in my list today.

The idea was to make the kitchen look more lively and elegant as such stuff stays there on the countertop.

It might interest you that the electric ceramic kettle uses the power of one thousand watts which refers to the fact that it boils water much faster than any other device. Moreover, it is easy to clean the device and store it accordingly. The lid is made up of silicone which stays there when you are pouring the water.

There is an over-fill protection specification that does not allow the kettle to exceed the limit. If it does happen, some holes tend to drain an extra amount of water slowly. You can also use the automated shut-off button when it comes to boiling. In my opinion, this is your product and must be in your cart next!

  • The kettle has a compact design and shape so that it can be stored easily.
  • The device turns off instantly when not in use.
  • The design is ergonomic and aesthetic.
  • It gets heated up real quick and fast.

      9. Cimerac Best Ceramic electric kettle

Cimerac has now introduced its ceramic-lined teapot kettle for every household as one of the best cordless electric kettles. It is indeed the best one so far, from having the hefty capacity to great power consumption and fast boiling.

I know you might be wondering how many liters can it carry, right? Well, it is there to settle 1.7 liters of water at once, which is enough for an entire dinner table. The pattern all over the kettle is nice and looks great too. Here, the lid is also removable so that you can take benefit too. Do not worry, as it will not fall off if you are going to pour it.

Moreover, it weighs 4.334 pounds which can be carried away anywhere in the kitchen and looks great. The power consumption is 1300 watts offering 5 minutes of boiling time. Doesn’t it seem a great investment? I know!

  • The heats contents tend to move fast.
  • The detachable base makes it much portable.
  • The device is quite inexpensive and lasts long.
  • The weight of this device is quite heavy.

   10.Sensio Butterfly electric kettle

The tenth is Sensio. The brand has been my absolute favorite since I started shopping for kitchen appliances. It is because the design and patterns made it easier for me to shop according to my taste. The appliance looks beautiful on your kitchen top due to the butterflies it has on it.

Either you are planning to make tea, coffee, or green tea, it is your best friend. Note that there is a detachable base and a cordless design to make things even easier for you. Using 1000 watts, it assures you to heat water real quick, even within a few minutes. Moreover, it is packed with a bunch of other good stuff.

One of them is an LED indicator. This one assures you that it gets turned on when the device gets started. Having this one can be a lifesaver if you are looking to opt for a smart morning routine.

All you need to do is get up, warm the water in this kettle and leave it for 5/6 minutes. Voila! It is done. Grab a tea bag and pour the water in to enjoy a peaceful morning with birds chirping all around.

Moreover, you can also boil bland food on this device. Sounds cool, right?

  • The heating element utilizes 1000 watts of power.
  • The device can be used for multiple purposes.
  • The kettle has a detachable base.
  • This one costs more as compared to the others.

       11.   Mulex ceramic Electric Kettle Hot Tea Machine White

Mulex tests with various combinations. Here, it has used stainless steel with a ceramic top thus can be used for multiple purposes. The teapot also has various buttons for you to tackle the needs accordingly. It has also equipped the auto shut-off feature that gets the kettle turned off if the water is about to boil.

The temperature settings also vary. You can set various presets accordingly, or it may depend on the preferences you are looking for. You might be happy to know that the product comes with a two-year warranty. Also, there is a stainless steel filter for water in case you need any assistance.

Don’t look for anything else and make it the next product on your wishlist. I am sure you won’t be regretting it.

  • It comes with an energy-saving mode.
  • The device comes with two years of warranty.
  • It can be used for various purposes.
  • The product is not suitable for making coffee.

12.SMYLLS Electric Ceramic Kettle Non-Plastic Kettle

The second last for today’s article is SMYLLS. The one-liter teapot comes with a long-lasting lid and ceramic body. If you need to add an amazing appliance to your kitchen gadgets, it is surely your go-to product. Moreover, it does not contain plastic which makes it eco-friendly too.

Being too economical, every household should get this one. Not is it just the reason, but the delicate blue design also looks amazing. The whole one liter can get boiled in five minutes when 1000 watts of power is used.

To ensure that you do not get hurt, it shuts down automatically, so there is no risk that the water might spill. The mouth is also easy to be handled and is easy to wash. There is another good news for you. It comes with a lifetime warranty of protection!

  • The detachable base can rotate.
  • There are a lot of safety settings.
  • The product has inside markings for your assistance.
  • The weight is heavy, so you might need to be careful.

        13.KitchenAid KEK1222ER 1.25-Liter ceramic Electric Kettle white

Last but surely, another top pick is the KitchenAid appliance. The brand has introduced it to last longer than your rough, tough devices. The layout also looks appealing and comes in a variety of colors to choose from. If you ask for my pick, it would be red as I think it stands out from the rest.

Not just the tea is about the color, but the design and capacity are to die for. It can fill up 1.25 liters which make around one and one-fourth gallons—amazed, right? My friend, this is just the beginning.

You will also enjoy the brushed top with a great glance. The handle is made of aluminum, allowing you to stay safe as the heat does not get transferred. The cleanup is also easy and simple here.

One of the best parts is the filter. KitchenAid has set a limescale filter that is attached to the spout. It allows you to filter the hard water while pouring but clean it now and then. Do not worry as it is not much of a task and easy to clean.

Overall the product has 10/10 ratings and great product reviews. You can also lookup for detailed information and ask the seller if you have any queries. I think it can make a great present if you need to gift it to a loved one. What are you waiting for? Make it to the cart list! It is the next product you need to invest in, my friend!

  • You will get a limescale filter which is quite useful.
  • There is a capacity of 1.25 liters.
  • The product is reliable and lasts long
  • KitchenAid products are a bit expensive but worth it.

Things to Know Before Buying the Best Ceramic Electric Kettle for Your Kitchen [ Reviews]

If you are in the market for a ceramic electric kettle and are not sure what to go for because there is much choice out there, and you are not on your own, then I am your guide. What I have done is I have come up with things to consider while buying the Best Ceramic Electric Kettle. So let’s have a look.

Color and design of the kettle

It is what most people consider. How the kettle looks like is important since it has to be on the countertop. It should have basic functions and buttons and have a nice outer surface that could please the eyes.

Your budget

It is of utmost importance to consider the budget. Kettle ranges from a few bucks to a hundred ones; thus, find the one that feels good to your pocket. Moreover, it is extremely important to jot down your needs for a kettle and what you think could work the best. This way, it would be easier to look up the prices and mold your ideal choice accordingly.


Not just the look is necessary, and the ceramic electric kettle should work well too. It comprises various buttons it is offering to make the tea or boil the water. Thus, consider looking at the specifications first and opt for the one.

You should also consider its cord design and length here. It might not be an issue as many of the kettles have extra space to wind the cord around if it’s too long for the socket.

The durability

Reliability is yet another thing to be taken care of. It would help if you double-checked the reviews and the brand in terms of durability and quality. If the ceramic is cheap, then the kettle might not live well, and you have to buy another one soon. Thus, invest in a good and reliable product that could live for years in your kitchen.

Features or options

Moreover, I will recommend you to look for programmable options. It might be the temperature control ranges that you can change accordingly. You should also go for the one that keeps the water warm even if the kettle is not connected to the electricity. This feature does not only saves power but also helps you to save your time and energy as well.


Is checking the capacity of my ceramic electric kettle important?

Yes, it is one of the most important things you need to look for. The capacity of your kettle affects the number of cups it can serve. Thus if you have a large family and have bought a small-capacity kettle, you need to make tea in multiple batches. It is recommended to choose the best one in terms of volume and capacity it offers.

What options should I check before buying a ceramic electric kettle?

Well, if you are not a fan of waiting for too long, be sure that the kettle’s boiling time is short, and it does the job well. Moreover, have a look at the keep-warm option. It lets you keep the water warm for a longer span due to temperature control. It is quite helpful as you can use the water for later use. In short, you do not need to worry about it being cold, at least for a few hours.

My kettle shuts off automatically. Is there any problem with it?

Most of the kettles come with an auto-shutdown option. It works when the water is about to boil, so you might not need to change the temperature anyhoo. This is quite a useful option, and thus you do not need to get worried about the kettle being broken or useless. It is intact!

Final Verdict

Yay! You’ve made it to the end, and now you are well aware of the best ceramic electric kettle. In this article, I have talked about my favorite ones and their specifications, features, pros, and cons. I hope you liked this article as much as I loved writing it.

Know that not every product will suit your kitchen, so you have to choose wisely. Furthermore, I will suggest you make a list of what you need in an electric kettle, and then go for the customer reviews. This way, you will dig into the product and catch the idea about kettles, as it’s not an easy task to maintain it.

Let me know what is your other absolute favorite kitchen gadget in the comment section down below. Stay happy and blessed!

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